AWL Limit Switches


Double-circuit limit switch,is widely used
Firm aluminum alloy enclosure
High mechanical strength
Structure preventing oil,water and pressure
Kinds of actuators is taken convenience for using
Built-in contact stand has double-reed,so it has long mechanical life

Contact way

Rated number

Remarks:1.Electrical carry:power factor=0.4.time constant= 7 msec.
2.The Bulb carry current is 10 times as than in stable condition. Motor carry current is 6 times as than in stable condition.


Action Characteristics

Electrical life
Ambient temperature5~30℃ Ambient humidity40~70%RH)

Movement after big,easy to move the convex claw set limit switch. Large Angle type in addition to general type highly feeling type,
but also can be unilateral action 903-2N series.
Beacanse of the same size as the main and standard, has setup the interchangeability of
And the standard also with oil resistand waterproof duseproof structure(IP67)